Alex Manson - Building Crypto Infrastructure

Alex Manson - Building Crypto Infrastructure

Broadcast on: October 24
Duration: 30:00

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been around for a little bit more than a decade, but compared to the institutional companies they are still in their infancy. But as blockchain and crypto grows, more and more institutional players are joining the fields.

You know things are getting serious when one of the oldest ventures joins the game supporting ventures that disrupt the way we invest and work in.

When did they realize that they would no longer turn a blind eye to these disruptions? What made them join forces and build infrastutures on it? Will this pave the way for more institutions to join in?

Get all these answers and much more on the latest episode of Word on the Block where we are joined by Alex Mansion of Standard Charted Ventures.

  • Head

    Alex Manson, Head, SC Ventures

  • Founder & Editor-in-Chief

    Angie Lau, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Forkast News

    Angie LauForkast NewsAs an award-winning 20+ year veteran in broadcast journalism, Angie is most recognized for her role as Bloomberg Television’s Asia anchor of “First Up with Angie Lau” where she’s collected 10,000+ interviews in her career, including some of the top newsmakers and business leaders in the world.Angie is a respected thought leader in blockchain technology, leading conversations around the world, including at OECD's Global Blockchain Policy Forum, World Economic Forum, Global Blockchain Business Council / UN General Assembly, Forbes Summit, Binance Blockchain Week, Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Asia Blockchain Summit, and many others.

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