Broadcast on: November 21
Duration: 17:57

Laks Ganapathi, founder, and CEO of Unicus, sits down with Sasja - Chief Investment Strategy Officer at SDG Impact Japan. Author of “Where the Money Tree Grows” (2021)
Capital preservation and saving the world. Contradictory vision, and what are your thoughts on that?
Do the Japanese view ESG the same way we do? (marketing-focused) or are they pragmatic on ESG?
Capitalistic and materialistic world – are we capable – are investors capable of “here” and “now” mentality?

We live in a black-and-white world ---- the rise of the anti-esg movement is seen as a “climate denier” movement. On the contrary, I believe it is more of a – more action, less noise movement. What are your thoughts on the anti-ESG movement?

  • Founder & CEO

    Lakshmi Ganapathi, Founder & CEO, Unicus Research

  • Chief Investment Strategy Officer

    Sasja Beslik, Chief Investment Strategy Officer, SDG Impact Japan

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