Pro Insights: Perspectrum Advisors

Pro Insights: Perspectrum Advisors

Broadcast on: November 3
Duration: 16:19

Perspectrum is a sustainability intelligence and thought leadership advisory firm. Backed by decades of experience in finance and capital markets enhanced by more than five years of focus on sustainability and ESG, Perspectrum can help you understand complex topics in a simple and concise way and help you think holistically and laterally to gain new perspectives and insights. Their goal is to enable people to make purposeful and sustainable decisions.

  • Founder and CEO

    Sandy Jayaraj, Founder and CEO, Perspectrum Advisors

    Sandy Jayaraj is the Founder and CEO of Perspectrum Advisors. Sandy employs lateral thinking, evaluating methods and an ability to communicate complex topics in a concise, relevant and understandable way to enable organisations to find new perspectives, garner new insights and make more sustainable decisions. He has had a 25-year career in financial markets at both PricewaterhouseCoopers and Morgan Stanley enhanced by four years as COO and CEO building Curation into a sustainability intelligence enterprise before founding Perspectrum in 2022.He is a published journalist having written on emerging themes and sustainability for various publications and is currently a columnist for The Sustainable Investor and Illuminem. Sandy is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and studied Engineering and Management Studies at Queens’ College.

  • Director

    Mehdi Sunderji, Director, OETV

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