December Review and Outlook | Alpha Insights Weekly Playbook

December Review and Outlook | Alpha Insights Weekly Playbook

 December Review and Outlook  | Alpha Insights Weekly Playbook


Alpha Insights, Jeffrey W. Huge is back with his in-depth December Review and Outlook. Jeff offers his keen insight on the following themes; Strategic Risk Allocation, Cycle Composites, Technicals, US Large/Small Cap, Volatility, Market Participation, Bitcoin, Sector Rotations into Tech, along with his Top Trade Ideas WW Grainger (Bullish GWW) and Pinduoduo (Bearish PDD).


  1. (2:11) Strategic Risk Allocation
  2. (3:16) 2021 Cycle Composite: Volatility
  3. (6:37) Elliott Wave Analysis
  4. (8:35) US S&P Large Cap 500 / Small Cap 600 Index
  5. (10:35) Global Asset Class Leadership
  6. (12:15) Market Participation Collapse
  7. (13:43) Advance - Decline Line: Breakdown
  8. (14:28) S&P 500 Internals: Remain Weak
  9. (15:44) Investor Sentiment: Optimistic
  10. (16:44) Volatility: VIX Rising
  11. (18:03) Growth and Earnings: Estimates Peaking
  12. (19:56) Economic Cycle Model: Peaking?
  13. (21:45) Sector Rotation
  14. (22:00) US Cap Weight Sector Leadership
  15. (22:31) Technology Stock Rotation
  16. (24:25) MSCI Foreign Market Leadership
  17. (25:40) Macro Asset Leadership
  18. (27:35) Bullish on WW Grainger (GWW)
  19. (28:28) Bearish on Pinduoduo ADR (PDD)


  • Director

    Mehdi Sunderji, Director, OETV

  • Alpha Insights

    Jeffrey Huge, Alpha Insights,

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