Scholars of Finance | ESG Interview Series

Scholars of Finance | ESG Interview Series

Broadcast on: September 23
Duration: 40:12

For this episode of the OETV ESG Interview Series, Sasha Chasen interviews Co-founder and CEO of Scholars of Finance, Ross Overline, on SOF’s vision for transforming the financial system, how leaders in the financial sector can spark positive social change, and how the power of responsible finance, value-based leadership, and effective education can develop a prosperous and inclusive world.

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  • Co-Founder & CEO

    Ross Overline, Co-Founder & CEO, Scholars of Finance (SOF)

    Ross is the Co-Founder & CEO of Scholars of Finance (SOF), a fast-growing organization that inspires character and integrity in the finance leaders of tomorrow. SOF brings together leading investors and finance executives to teach undergraduate students how they can steward the world's capital to serve the greater good.Ross believes that responsible finance, values-based leadership, and effective education are critical to the development of a prosperous and inclusive world. As such, he is committed to transforming the financial system with his team at Scholars of Finance.Prior to SOF, Ross held roles spanning equity research at Piper Sandler, global go-to-market at Twitter, and serving on the leadership team that launched "SoFi Money", the retail banking division of SoFi. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Fordham University and the University of Minnesota and has completed executive education at Cornell University and Stanford University.His hobbies include triathlon training & competing, mentoring & coaching, start-up advising, (poorly attempting) freestyle/spoken word, and studying neuroscience, economics, history, and philosophy.

  • OETV ESG Host

    Sasha Chasen, OETV ESG Host, OpenExchange

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