HXE Partners | OETV ESG Interview Series

HXE Partners | OETV ESG Interview Series

HXE Partners | OETV ESG Interview Series


This episode of the OETV ESG Interview Series recaps a new episode of the Be Inspired CEO Series, featuring Michael Laurier, Group Chief Executive Officer of Symphony Environmental Technologies, and last week's OETV ESG Interview Series episode featuring Tim Dunn, CIO, Managing Member, and Founder of Terra Alpha Investments.

Sasha Chasen speaks with Harry Etra, CEO & Founder of HXE Partners, on working with companies to develop and implement collaborative, impactful ESG strategies, investing for climate adaptation and stronger ROI, and the financial community's influence on meaningful environmental and social policy. To learn more please visit www.hxepartners.com.


  • CEO & Founder

    Harry Etra, CEO & Founder, HXE Partners

    Harry Etra is CEO & Founder of HXE Partners, an environmental, social, and governance advisory firm that that helps clients achieve their sustainability and goals through development, management, and integration of ESG best practices. With 10+ years of experience advising public and private companies on their sustainability and ESG strategies across industries, Harry focuses on building and growing a best-in-class team, developing, and implementing impactful ESG strategies and helping companies earn recognition for their achievements. Among his years of experience, Harry was also named a 2021 E+E Leader 100 Honoree.

  • OETV ESG Host

    Sasha Chasen, OETV ESG Host, OpenExchange

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