Fat Gladiator | OETV ESG Interview Series

Fat Gladiator | OETV ESG Interview Series

Fat Gladiator | OETV ESG Interview Series


This episode of the OETV ESG Interview Series features content from the London Stock Exchange Group's 2022 Issuer Services IR Masterclass - “The New Butterfly Era: Successfully Emerging from the COVID Cocoon”, and a new episode of Crypto Dome brought to you by Nucleus195 co-founder Mehdi Sunderji, featuring Adam Blumberg, Co-Founder of Interaxis. We interview Founder & Head Gladiator of the Fat Gladiator Investment Club (powered by Curation Corp), Nick Finegold, who dives into a G-centered outlook on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, along with analysis covering subsequential ESG revenue trends, the key emerging & peripheral investment risks involved, and the role of governance in 2022. To learn more about Fat Gladiator, please visit https://fatgladiator.com/ or contact nick@fatgladiator.com


  • Founder, Curation Corporation & Fat Gladiator Investment Club

    Nick Finegold, Founder, Curation Corporation & Fat Gladiator Investment Club, Curation Investment Services & Fat Gladiator Investment Club

  • OETV ESG Host

    Sasha Chasen, OETV ESG Host, OpenExchange

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