EcoAdvisors | OETV ESG Interview Series

EcoAdvisors | OETV ESG Interview Series

EcoAdvisors | OETV ESG Interview Series


This episode of the OETV ESG Interview Series honors Pride Month, celebrating growth in employers committed to implementing LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices, capital support of enterprises with LGBTQ+ founders and leaders, and how your investment choices can better support corporate diversity, equity and inclusion and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Sasha Chasen speaks with Hari Balasubramanian, Managing Partner at EcoAdvisors & Founder of EcoInvestors Capital, on the symbiotic relationship between profitability and societal & environmental impact, just transition efforts through ESG education & board engagement, and turning sustainability "costs" into a solid investment in your business model. To learn more please visit


  • Founding Managing Partner

    Hari Balasubramanian, Founding Managing Partner, EcoAdvisors

    Hari Balasubramanian is the founder & managing partner of the Certified B Corporation®, EcoAdvisors. Working with governments, corporations, foundations and individuals on values alignment and sustainable decision making, EcoAdvisors has influenced over $3.5B in sustainability-oriented financing. Hari is also the founder of EcoInvestors Capital, which supports capital deployment across asset classes and the capital spectrum. Prior to this, Hari worked for 8 years at Conservation International, one of the world's largest NGOs, conducting impact due diligence, measurement and tracking of grant and debt funds. He serves as a director for several environmental charities as well as a start-up mentor and advisor to investors, corporates, and governments on the value of nature.

  • OETV ESG Host

    Sasha Chasen, OETV ESG Host, OpenExchange

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