Pause or Pivot? | The Big Conversation

Pause or Pivot? | The Big Conversation

Broadcast on: August 11
Duration: 12:15

This week Real Vision’s Roger Hirst uses best in class data to look at the possibility of a pause by the Fed and potentially a pivot. A recession should cap prices, but if the Fed eases - off too early, prices could rebound again, as they did in the 1970’s. Tighten too much, and the US economy could have a significant slump. It will be a difficult balancing act, but the market is beginning to take aim at an imminent pivot.

  • Independent Macro Analyst, Co-Head of Content

    Roger Hirst, Independent Macro Analyst, Co-Head of Content, Real Vision Group

  • James Helliwell, Real Vision

  • Head

    Kevin Loane, Head, Fathom USA

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