Erik Fairbairn, Founder and CEO, Pod Point

Erik Fairbairn, Founder and CEO, Pod Point

Broadcast on: July 13
Duration: 9:01
Erik Fairbairn, Founder and CEO, Pod Point


We sat down with Erik Fairbairn, Founder and CEO of Pod Point, for our latest Be Inspired episode, to hear how their listing on the London Stock Exchange is helping the company achieve its vision - making travel that doesn't damage the Earth.

In 2009, when Pod Point launched, there were only 56 electric vehicles in the UK - compared to more than a quarter of a million electric vehicles now estimated to be travelling on UK roads today*. Erik discusses how the company overcame early challenges to hone their capabilities, ready to service the electric car industry as it grew. Watch the video or listen to the podcast below to find out more.


  • Founder and CEO

    Erik Fairbairn, Founder and CEO, Pod Point

    Erik is a mission driven entrepreneur. He founded Pod Point in 2009 in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis with the mission to make travel not damage the earth. Specifically, he set out to build a network of electric vehicle charging points everywhere you park, and in doing so, enable the UK to transition fully to electric vehicles.Under Erik’s stewardship Pod Point has become the UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charge points, addressing the all four parts of the charging ecosystem: Home, Work, Destination and En-Route. So far the firm has shipped over 100,000 charge points and boasts a publicly accessible network of over 5,200 charging bays and is currently delivering over 1m charge sessions per month. Pod Point’s customers include car companies, large corporates, retailers, supermarkets and many others. Pod Point successfully listed into the Premium segment of the London Stock Exchange in November of 2021.Erik is happily married with 3 children. He enjoys cycling and technology in his spare time.

  • Director of Strategy & Innovation

    Marguerite Herrington, Director of Strategy & Innovation, Capital

    Marguerite is Director of Strategy & Innovation for Capital Markets at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). Prior to this, Marguerite has held roles within Capital Markets in Business Management & Marketing.Marguerite holds a Master’s degree from Queen Mary University of London’s Business School.

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