ETF Battles: Which Broad Stock Market ETF is Best?

ETF Battles: Which Broad Stock Market ETF is Best?

Broadcast on: November 10
Duration: 17:10

In this episode of ETF Battles, Ron DeLegge at ETFguide referees an audience requested contest between broad stock market ETFs from American Century (AVUS), State Street Global Advisors (SPTM) and Vanguard (VTI). Which broadly diversified ETF is the top choice for core stock market exposure? Program judges Dave Nadig at VettaFi and Mike Akins at ETF Action analyze this audience requested ETF matchup.

  • Founder

    Ron DeLegge, Founder, ETFguide

  • Dave Nadig, VettaFi

  • CEO

    Mike Akins, CEO, ETF Action

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