V-Square Quantitative Management | OETV ESG Interview Series

V-Square Quantitative Management | OETV ESG Interview Series

 V-Square Quantitative Management | OETV ESG Interview Series


This episode of the OETV ESG Interview Series features content from Nucleus195 and Kilter Rural, who deliver long-term value for investors through resilient farmland and water investments, and the Unicus Research ESG four-part series – Untangling the ESG. We interview Co-Founder and President of V-Square Quantitative Management, Mamadou-Abou Sarr, who specializes in financial engineering, development & management of quantitative portfolios, and the processing of sustainability big data, as he walks us through V-Square's top ESG trends for 2022. To learn more about V-Square, please visit https://www.vsqm.com/


  • OETV ESG Host

    Sasha Chasen, OETV ESG Host, OpenExchange

  • CIFD Co-Founder and President

    Mamadou-Abou Sarr, CIFD Co-Founder and President, V-Square Quantitative Management

    Mamadou-Abou Sarr co-founded V-Square in 2020 after an accomplished career in asset management whilst working for global financial services companies across the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and Africa. He has managed FX portfolios and developed structured products - as well as customized and factor-based strategies - throughout his career as a trader, strategist, and product manager. He is an industry ESG subject matter expert in corporate governance, climate change and green real assets. Mamadou is a Certified Investment Fund Director and is often quoted in professional and academic journals. He serves on the boards including CFA Society Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago, he is an adjunct professor of ESG Investing at Loyola University Chicago, as well as a guest lecturer at Wharton and ESCP Business School. Mamadou is also a French Foreign Trade Advisor, appointed by decree of the Prime Minister of France.

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