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Unicus Research LLC


Unicus Research is an unaffiliated, independent research platform that combines analysis from multiple perspectives. We listen to your needs to create a product that can complement your short term and long-term portfolio needs. Using fundamental analysis along with valuable information obtained from atypical sources, we come to our insights and recommendations through challenging both the information provided and the information harnessed through their sources within the legal bounds. We also research and produce our own content from a contrarian point of view on the Irresponsible Investor newsletter published on SubStack and cover relevant topics for today’s world.


  • Founder & CEO

    Lakshmi Ganapathi, Founder & CEO, Unicus Research

  • Chief Economist & Researcher

    Julian Morris, Chief Economist & Researcher, Unicus Research

  • Head of Forensic Analysis

    L. Burke Files, Head of Forensic Analysis, Unicus Research


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